Twice Bound Once Removed,  2019, found flora, packing tape, 1ft. x 4ft.

The cultural symbol of the traditional Ukrainian wreath: vinok, carries significant narratives that are imperative to the traditions and festivities associated with coming of age for many young girls in Ukraine. It contains magical powers of warding off evil spirits and foretelling happiness.

My decision to remove the wreath shows the uncertainty of my cultural identity, and the pressuring need to “grow up” as an immigrant child. A set of ribbons is always attached to the wreath; their colours and patterns of embroidery signifying the girl’s character and spiritual condition. I found it fitting to utilize “fragile” tape in order to recreate traditional red and white embroidered cloth, and to point to the relationship between the packing of belongings, moving residencies, and the fragility of the mental state that arises from such an immigrational experience.